Sports Day 2017

On Wednesday 21st June, we hosted our annual sports day. The weather was glorious and we had a lovely day. We would like to say a big well done to all the children for taking part, trying their very best, and for all those who kept going until the finish line for every race. You should all be proud of your achievements. We were all very impressed by the children’s excellent behaviour and sportsman-ship on the day. The winning house was Donaldson. We would like to thank all the parents and carers that came and supported their children on the day—it was fantastic to see so many of you. We would also like to offer a special thank you to Miss Jones and Mr Mansbridge for organising the event and keeping everything running smoothly.
Thank you all, once again, for your support. It is greatly appreciated.

Fun In The Sun

All the pupils enjoyed ice lollies as an end of half term treat.

Dog Day

I would just like to say a massive thank you to everyone involved in making Dog Day the success that it was. We raised a huge £400 which means we can now sponsor a class of guide dog puppies throughout their 2 years of training and it’s all thanks to you guys!
I want to say a massive well done to our two winners of the colouring competition Levi Sykes in Y1M and Lilly Kenyon Hoath in Y3 great job girls!
Also well done to Matthew Lister in Y4M on being the lucky winner of the doggy and me treat hamper.
I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we all did!
Mr Traynor

Seasonal Jumper Day

Today along with lots of other festive activities many of our children and staff wore seasonal jumpers.

Anti Bullying

We are thrilled to have been awarded the BIG Award, in recognition of all the bullying intervention work we do. We have worked with the children, parents and carers and staff to achieve it.

The Spanish teacher visit to school

International Work

We have had a lovely week hosting Jaime and Jaime from our partner school in Spain. They spent time in every year group, looked at how we taught IT, and joined in anti-bullying work which took place during the week. They also found out about our behaviour systems, and how we support children with special educational needs and work alongside our parents. As well as this, we looked after them outside of school, showing them the sights of Manchester and Salford. They said they had a great week and are taking back lots of ideas to their own school. Thank you to everyone who made them feel so welcome!

Remembrance Day

Well done to Y4M for their excellent assembly on Remembrance Day. The children had worked very hard to memorise their lines, and sang the beautiful song ‘In Flanders Fields’:


Children throughout the school who attended in Brownie and Beaver/Cub uniforms looked very smart.

Thank you to all parents and carers who were able to attend.
We also had a minute’s silence at 11am.

European Work

As well as the funding for the children to complete the work with France, we have also received funding for 'staff mobility', where some staff work alongside schools in other countries to develop practice. 2 members of staff were lucky enough to spend a week visiting and working in a school in Spain to look at how they approach emotional intelligence and mindfulness. We are also very excited to be welcoming 2 members of their staff to our school the week of the 14th November. Have a look at the leaflet we have created after our trip for further information.

Mysterious Egg found in Year 4...

This week Year 4 have found an egg in their classroom! After much discussion and research, they have guessed that the egg belongs to a dragon. The class have debated whether they should destroy it or keep it safe, giving point and evidence for their opinion. The arguments were well thought out and imaginative- Miss Richardson especially enjoyed the argument that the Queen needs protecting.

Time Detectives

In Year 4, we visited Salford Museum where we had the chance to find out lots more about our History topic of the Victorians. Firstly, we split into smaller groups and became ‘TIME DETECTIVES’ giving us all a chance to hold Victorian artefacts and try to guess what they were used for. Some of the ideas the children decided upon were very interesting and inventive. Our guide, Gemma, then talked through each one and told us its purpose. Everyone learnt lots, including the adults!
After a quick bite to eat we then had the opportunity to walk around Lark Hill place which is a preserved Salford Victorian street. Gemma had given us all the task to locate all the artefacts we had learnt about and discuss which buildings they would belong too.
The day went fantastically and the children had an amazing day learning!

Fruit Kebab

Year 4 have designed thier own fruit kebabs! Today, they had the chance to create them! The finished products were very yummy and colourful.


In Maths we have been learning about plotting co-ordinates. Miss Richardson created a huge grid on the carpet and the class used colourful plastic balls with co-ordinates wrote on to plot and show her how much they knew! She was very impressed and the class enjoyed the physical activity!

R.E - pilgrimage

Year 4 have been learning about different pilgrimages across different religions. For an Art lesson, Miss Richardson had all the class think of their favourite special place they would visit. Some lovely ideas were mentioned like thier younger bother being born, a special holiday destination or a family members house. The class including Miss Richardson and Miss Lewis then created a piece of art representing this place. They thought about the different colours and textures that could be used to represent thier emotions when being at that special time/place.
The final pieces were amazing!

Easter Eggs

A great turnout of Easter Eggs this year! Some very inventive ideas. Well done to our class winner; Noah Clowes!!

Pirates Ohhh Arrrr!

In Reception 2, we have been exploring Pirates Ohhh Arrrr!
We began by reading a very interesting story ‘The Pirates Next Door’. The following day the children discovered a special treasure map. But where would it lead to? We arrived at the outdoor sand pit only to find.... A pair of teeth!!
The children were amazed; they asked questions and together came up with some fabulous ideas of whose they could be.
The children had lots of fun exploring the teeth, using them in our continuous provision and they were never far away.

Every day we needed to make sure they were put back in their special box and in the correct place chosen by the children (the sand pit) because we wouldn’t want anyone to steal them would we? Until.. 'Jim lad' needed them back and left behind a video. The children have been inspired, enthused and excited during this topic. We would love if Jim Lad would visit us again soon!

Miss McIntosh, Mrs Brownbill, Mr Sloane

Half term in Year 5

Year 5 have had a busy and exciting half-term. They have learnt all about Space and then enjoyed a visit away to London.
They will be presenting an assembly all about London on Friday 26th February at 9.15am so please come along if you can!

Pancake Day

Well done to Reception 2 for all your hard work during our pancake day assembly performance! The children were fantastic and I am very proud of them all. Thank you to all the parents and careers who came to watch their children. Congratulations to Jack Holmes mother on winning the Pancake tossing competition! The children became chefs by test tasting ingredients, writing recipes and creating their very own pancakes with the help of Suzanne. They have thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and were full of smiles for the rest of their day.
Miss McIntosh & Mrs Brownbill

KS2 Trip to London - 2016

Children from KS2 had an amazing trip to London, full of new experiences. For some it had been the first time they had been away from home, and for some the first time they had ever slept in a hotel.

We visited lots of exciting places and saw lots of sights - Piccadilly Circus, the River Thames, China Town, The Ritz, Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square.

We visited inside the Houses of Parliament for a tour and workshop, and saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in the West End. We also had a tour of the BBC Broadcasting House, as well as a cruise on the River Thames.

The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves, saying things like 'it was the best trip they had ever been on', and 'they wanted to do it all over again'. The children were all brilliantly behaved, and we were proud that we had so many compliments from members of the public about how polite and well-behaved our children were.

Attendance Awards

Reception 2 won the attendance award last term, as a treat the children decided they wanted McDonalds! Well done. Who will win next time?

Parliament tour and workshop

Various pictures of the Parliament tour and workshop tour.


Just to let everyone know, we have arrived safely at the Houses of Parliament.

First stop services on the M6 toll road!

First stop services on the M6 toll road!

Winter Soup

The Nursery children had lots of fun chopping different vegetables to make warming winter soup! We then set up a 'Soup Kitchen' outside & enjoyed tasting our soup in the winter sunshine!

M&M’s data collection

Year 4 have been practising collecting data and presenting them in a bar chart. Today we tallied how many of each different colours of M&M’s were in a pot and then worked in groups to create a huge bar chart! The class showed their fantastic team work abilities to create the brilliant charts. Afterwards we shared out the chocolate and I think they enjoyed this bit the most.

French Trip

We are organising our first ever exchange trip to the tiny primary, Ecole Pierre Bossy, in the Alpine village of Jarjayes, which has just 48 children thanks to a £48,000 grant from the European Union.

Children in year five have been speaking to the children via the internet and have written letters to them.

Fire Service Visit

The Foundation Stage had a visit from the Fire service on Monday 23rd November. Everyone had great fun learning more about what Fire fighters do. The children climbed on the Fire Engine and squirted water from the hose! It was a fabulous first hand experience, and the children have responded by painting pictures, writing about the visit and engaging in Fire Fighter play.

Pride Time

On Friday morning we had our termly Pride Time, where parents and carers come in to school and talk to their children about their learning, looking at their books. The classsrooms were very full with our visitors, who were very impressed with the progress being made. Some lovely comments were made by our parent and carers, who were rightly proud of their children’s work.

French Trip


We were very excited to find that our Erasmus+ bid had been awarded, to further develop our partnership with a school in Jarjayes, France. They are coming to visit us in May, and we are going to visit them in May 17. Our Y5 class currently speaks to their pupils via Scopia once a fortnight, and are comparing cultures. We are also doing joint projects with them, such as maths competitions, and writing to each other. We are really looking forward to actually meeting everyone from the school. Please read the link below for more information:


Reception One have been celebrating Diwali this week. Diwali is celebrated by Hindus and Sikhs. Diwali is a new year celebration also known as the festival of light. It is celebrated all around the world. It is a very exciting and colourful holiday. Homes are cleaned to welcome the New Year and windows are opened so that the Hindu goddess of wealth, Lakshmi, can enter. It is believed that she cannot enter a house which is not lit up, so every household burns special Diwali clay lamps (diyas) to light the way for the goddess, which is why the holiday is also known as the Festival of Lights.

We made our own diva lamps using clay. We are going to paint and decorate them when they are dry.

We learnt a firework dance in PE making our bodies travel like fireworks across the sky.

We also learnt a song about Diwali and put instruments to the song.

We also made Diwali cards from Aman to take home and share with his family.

We made our own Diwali sweets using desiccated coconut, icing sugar, condensed milk and food colouring...and then tasted them. They were delicious!

Where are they now?

Jewish Worship

In Year 4 we are lucky to have a Jewish member of staff; Miss Lewis. She taught a lesson all about how, where and who she worships. She also brought in plenty of objects such as her personal Siddur to look at. We had lots of fun trying on a kippah and watching videos about synagogues. Finally, Miss Lewis brought in some food and drink that her family would typically eat on a Friday and we enjoyed that part a lot- the plaited bread was especially yummy!

Rowling Day

To end the half term, Year 4 celebrated Rowling Day by making lots of magical treats! They decorated their very own cupcakes, created delicious vampire mouths and had some scary themed fruit to top it off! They also had chance to create spooky potions during Numeracy, making sure they didn’t go over 1000ml and wrote some fantastic witchy poetry. It was a very enjoyable day to finish such an amazing half term!

The Great Big Enormous Turnip

Year1D have been reading, acting and writing about the story 'The Great Big Enormous Turnip' They have had a great time making puppets, being the characters from the story and acting out scenes from the book.

Teach Your Monster To Read

Teach Your Monster to Read is a series of games which help children to learn the key first stages of reading.

Combining top quality game design with essential learning, the games complement most systematic synthetic phonics programmes.

Your child has a username and password to access this free software at home and your child's teacher can check how they are getting on. Please ask at School if you have any further questions. Enjoy!

Mrs Evans


Chemistry with Cabbages

Today year 6 had an excellent day, completing lots of science experiments with cabbages! As strange as it sounds, it is actually a remarkable vegetable and its juice can be use to test for acid, neutral and alkali chemicals! The children had a great time testing different household liquids to see which category they fell into - as well as seeing if they curdled milk and reacted with bicarbonate of soda.

In the afternoon, we were shown how to distill a liquid using evaporation and condensation; learnt about how nail varnish remover can dissolve a polystyrene cup; discussed different sized molecules and also made our very own pot of 'GOO!'

I'm sure if you speak to anyone in year 6, they will tell you all about what they have learnt and how much fun science can be!


Year 5 had fun on a nature walk around school collecting Autumn objects. They wrote poems and made some super pictures from their collections.

Y6 Visit to Chat Moss

The children enjoyed their visit to the local Chat Moss where they took part in outdoor activities to enhance their learning on All Living Things and their Habitats. The children had lots of fun making a habitat for a hedgehog using the natural resources around them. Working in teams they created a human sized 'den' to fit all of their team, making sure they took warmth, waterproofing and protection from predators into consideration!

Classifying shapes!

As part of maths this half term, year 6 have been looking at 2D and 3D shapes! One lesson they were set the challenge of classifying the shapes using a Carroll diagram by looking at: the number of vertices, edges, faces, corners and whether it was a quadrilateral or not. Some children even came up with their own criteria!

This has been great so far and the class are delighted that we are winning the attendance race at the moment! They are trying to keep it up until the race ends at Christmas to get the prize!

Out first topic was light and we investigated light sources and shadows using torches and the sun. The children wanted to investigate if we could make coloured shadows. When they managed to do this, they designed and made some lovely stained glass window pictures, which cast coloured shadows on the walls and floors to brighten up the corridor!

We are now learning about Ancient Greece and will be making clay pots and painting pictures. We have already found out about where the Olympic games come from, and have been learning about the Greek gods.

In R.E. we have been learning about Moses and the 10 commandments, and some children have written or illustrated the story have their work on a great display in the corridor.

The violin and flute lessons have started and the children were very excited to take their instruments home last week. We have emphasised that it will take practice to get a good sound so nobody should worry if they are still trying to do that. A lot of the instruments are already sounding great!

Class representatives.

Well done to Abbi and Casey who were elected onto the school council. This week they helped Ms Kenright present an assembly all about friendship.

Also congratulations to Maggie and Bobby who were chosen to be on Mr Whitehouse’s green team. They have already been out deadheading the flowers in the school grounds.


Lots of children have received Mathletics certificates so far which is fantastic. Bobby, Maddy G, Kavita and Casey have had Reading around the World certificates, and Luke Siddaway, Abbi and Brendan have completed the Reading Challenge. Well done!

“In Y3 we have been doing an awful lot like French, English, topic and learning about Ancient Greece.” (Jay Buck)

“We have been learning about French. I know some words of French like the colours. I like learning about Ancient Greece.” (Luke Santos)

Year 6 have had a great first half term!

Year 6 have been working really hard in all their lessons over the past 8 weeks! One of the big focuses was making sure we hadn't forgotten our beautiful handwriting which we had perfected last year! Every child wrote a letter to the Mayor (as part of our superhero topic) persuading him to keep the superhero they were supporting! Don't they look great on the wall outside the classroom - the Mayor will definitely have a difficult job making up his mind and he certainly can't dismiss any due to messy handwriting!!!! To see all the letters in full make sure you come along to Pride time on Friday 20th November where I am sure the children would love to show you the journey to this final piece.

Ancient Egypt

Year 5 have really enjoyed their topic about awesome ancient Egyptians this half-term. They have learnt all the gruesome details about mummification and saw a mummy called Asru on their trip to Manchester Museum.

On Thursday 8th October, Y5 went on a wonderful trip to Manchester Museum. Y5 went to the museum because our topic in History is Ancient Egypt and we wanted to learn more about the fantastic Ancient Egyptians. First we went to speak to a clever man called Matt, and he told us what Y5 would be doing. Matt asked us some questions so we could tell him what knowledge we already had about Ancient Egypt. Matt then showed Y5 some mummy photos of Asru, the amazing mummy. We took photos of the artefacts that she could have used in her afterlife! Our best photos were put on iPads. We then went into a huge room with lots of Ancient Egyptian artefacts and handled them. My favourite artefact was the amazing, huge and pretty necklace. Next we were shown the object that Y5 thought was the best for her afterlife. I would rate this trip a 5/5 because it was very interesting to handle the amazing Ancient Egypt artefacts. Overall it was brilliant and one of the best trips I’ve had. Leigh Choong, Y5 Pupil

Ancient Greeks

This term in Year 3G we are exploring the Ancient Greeks and their influence on the Western World with a particular focus on the Ancient Olympic Games. We have been researching what the games was like and comparing them with the modern Olympic Games using a range of sources. This will culminate in a enactment of the Ancient Closing Ceremony, complete with a Greek Feast!!!


In topic this half term, Year 4 have been investigating about Manchester. They have learnt all about the world continents and where Manchester is located. They have used iPad's to research what makes Manchester special and why people may visit! During Design and Technology Miss Parry showed the children lots of bridges from around the city and the children designed some of their own. The children then used their fantastic team work skills to create their own bridges from materials around the classroom. The end results were amazing and the children were very proud of them.


Year 4 have been working on improving their writing by making it more interesting. Together as a class they decided on adjectives they think Miss Richardson and the reader would find boring such as sad, happy, mad, big and small. The children sorted synonyms for the words which became banned in the classroom!

The CSI lesson

Year 4 came into their classroom to find a terrible incident had occurred! Mrs Carson had been rushed to hospital as she had been poisoned! After analysing several pieces of evidence, Year 4 came to the conclusion that the evil witch Queen from Snow White was the culprit! The children came up with lots of questions to interrogate the suspect and finally took part in some 'hotseating' drama where some children pretended to be the Queen!

Football Coaching

Here’s some photos from a joint Y5 and Y2 PE session run by Otto from MU Foundation. The Y5 children acted as coaches to the Y2 children, teaching them different sports activities.


The children enjoying fruits from the Amazon : pineapple, papaya and passion fruit!

Y5 Tour of London 2016

Bake Off

The catering team at Fiddlers Lane have entered into a Bake off competition Donna, Debbie and Maxine have said it’s a whole school approach. The children were asked “What would be their most perfect cake?”

The result ending in the Marble Surprise.

The team had great fun concocting the delight and the children agreed it matched their expectations in both presentation and taste. To enter the competition school had to upload pictures of the cake; the ingredience and how much it would cost. The competition’s deadline is 17:00 on Friday the 15th May 15.

I’m sure we’ll all keep our fingers crossed and hope we get through to the next round.


The Flag Project 2015 marks the 750th anniversary of the Montfort Parliament, where elected representatives of the shires and boroughs came together for the first time. To mark this important year, the 2015 Flag Project invites Primary school students (ages 7-11) across the UK to design a flag to represent their constituency. Fiddlers Lane were asked to design a flag to represent Worsley and Eccles (South). Have a look at our flag, and prepare to be impressed! http://flags.parliament.uk/galleries/flags/report/1268097

Mrs J Carson, Headteacher

Tour of the BBC

Group one and group two on their tour of the BBC

Y5 at the BBC

We have arrived safely in the centre of London. Just heading towards the BBC for lunch and a tour.

Y5 Trip to London

We have had our first pit stop at Birmingham toll services, and we are all safely back on the bus for the next part of our journey.

Roald Dahl Day

Staff and children dressed up as Roald Dahl charcters. Everyone looked fabulous!

Art Gallery

Our children were able to show off their amazing art skills by taking part in an Art Gallery. All the children created beautiful pieces of art around a fairytale theme, and parents and carers were invited to come and have a look, while canapés were served! We are very proud of our talented children.

World Book Day

To celebrate World Book day, a group from each year was chosen to take part in a bookmark making session in the school library. The children used their imaginations to come up with some creative designs by exploring different materials and techniques. The fact that they were dressed up made it even more special. The overall aim was to encourage each child with their reading and to make reading more exciting. Well done everyone who took part - your bookmarks looked fantastic!

World Book Day

We had a great day on 6th March, when we celebrated books on World Book Day. We recited poems, made bookmarks, and made our own books. Have a look at some of our excellent costumes, and see if you can work out which book they are from.

Egg Mystery

There was a very peculiar incident at FLCP. An enormous, mysterious egg appeared underneath the canopy. After two police visits, and a letter from the Museum of Strange Objects, the children spent the week investigating.
Mr V. Strangeways , the investigator in Chief from the Museum of Strange Objects, visited school to assess the evidence and authenticate the egg. He was very impressed with the investigative skills of the pupils, and their imaginative ideas about the creature that laid the egg.
The egg has been taken away for further investigation. If possible, he will inform us if the egg hatches.